Installing invoiceplane


i’m sitll having problems installing invoiceplane.
I have PHP 8.1 running. I download the zip file, make the changes in the ipconfig.php file, added the url, commented out the first line.

I just see a blanc page.
should i add the https or http version of the url in the ipconfig file? Tried both, no luck.

Advice is appreciated.

Check the .log file in /application/logs
any errors?

More importantly:
Check the Apache or nginx log file.
For nginx there’s definitely an error.log file

Before you do below backup the error.log file first

If it’s too big i usually:

  • Delete the error.log
  • Regenerate the blanc page
  • Re-check the error.log file

Don’t dump your entire log file here please, there might be sensitive data in there.

In the error.log file just look for ‘Exception’, ‘Parse error’, things like that