Error making PDF

I use for my daily bills. This used to work fine, but now I use InvoicePlane version 1.6.1 and when creating a PDF file I get the following message

Fatal error: Declaration of Mpdf\PsrHttpMessageShim\Request::withRequestTarget(string $requestTarget): Psr\Http\Message \RequestInterface

must be compatible with PsrExt\Http\Message\RequestInterface::withRequestTarget($requestTarget)

in /path/to/public_html/vendor/mpdf/psr-http-message-shim/src/ Request.php on line 88

I’m not very good with PHP, but does anyone know what’s going wrong here?

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Which PHP version do you have on your system?
I’vr edited some paths in your post, they give too much information to thr outside world

Version 8.1 and it runs on a reseller package on a subdomain

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Open public_html/vendor/mpdf/psr-http-message-shim/src/Request.php and go to line 88

It says: withRequestTarget(string $requestTarget): Psr\Http\Message\RequestInterface

and it should say:
withRequestTarget(string $requestTarget)

So you should remove that last bit.
Remove: :Psr\Http\Message\RequestInterface
(Including the :)

On line 88 it says this: public function withRequestTarget(string $requestTarget): RequestInterface that does not match what it should be.

So: make it public function withRequestTarget(string $requestTarget)

2 options:

  • fool around in that vendor directory
  • download the .zip file and re-upload the vendordirectory