How do I get the invoice to show the date for each item/service provided?


I’m in the UK, and by law, the date of each item or service provided must be shown on the invoice.

I’ve just installed version 1.6.1 and I’m having some difficulty trying to set InvoicePlane to show dates on goods/services provided.

I’m looking for something that generates invoices similar to the image below.

Is there a guide somewhere that I can follow to get the dates to show on the invoice?

Thanks in advance.

There is no guide, but i’ll tey to help you.
Open up application/views/invoice_templates/pdf/InvoicePlane.php, there is a chance you’ll have to add your date in this file.
The date comes from the variable $item

You’ll have to print_r() that $item to see what’s in there. All fields from the table are in there, so it will be something like $item['item_date]