Error when trying to create PDF

Any suggestions of what to do will be appreciated. When trying to create a PDF I get the following error.

An uncaught Exception was encountered
Type: Mpdf\MpdfException
Message: mbstring extension with mbregex support must be loaded in order to run mPDF.
Filename: /home/triomarketers/public_html/invoice/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Mpdf.php
Line Number: 9708
File: /home/triomarketers/public_html/invoice/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Mpdf.php
Line: 1051
Function: _dochecks
File: /home/triomarketers/public_html/invoice/application/helpers/mpdf_helper.php
Line: 45
Function: __construct
File: /home/triomarketers/public_html/invoice/application/helpers/pdf_helper.php
Line: 105
Function: pdf_create
File: /home/triomarketers/public_html/invoice/application/modules/invoices/controllers/Invoices.php
Line: 272
Function: generate_invoice_pdf
File: /home/triomarketers/public_html/invoice/index.php
Line: 329
Function: require_once


mbstring extension … must be loaded

The mbstring extension is missing from your PHP installation

Thanks will check that and revert back.

mbstring was already enabled on my server. Any other suggestion, as this is getting a bit beyond my skill level.

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Solved. Had to have the hosting company enable the mbregex on the server.

PHP mbstring (including mbregex, which needs to be explicitly enabled in some environments) and gd extensions have to be loaded.