Specific roles to users


Could someone help me assign specific roles to users, such as Administrator and Regular User?

Currently, only the roles of Administrator and Guest are available. I would like to create a user role that can add invoices without being able to delete them, and with other specific permissions.

Hi there, welcome.

Open the Users model
You’ll see the ‘Admin’ role, i think it has the integer 1 as “id”

If you want you can add your preferred new role there.

InvoicePlane does not have a permissions system, so everywhere where you want to check for those permissions you’ll have to do that “manually”

if ($user->type == 99) {} else {}

We’re working on a new version of InvoicePlane where this can be resolved.

If you want i can add you there, so you can work on those roles (and permissions) in that version.

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