Proforma Invoice question

I’ve been asked by a client for a Proforma Invoice,

I have added a new Invoice group: Proforma Invoice

I have set the Identifier formatting to: - Proforma

Set the Next ID to a number for reference.

I can then create a ‘New Quote’
Change the Quote to Invoice and use the Invoice Group: Proforma Invoice

This then gives me a none-numbered invoice which can be sent to the client. Once the client accepts it I can Copy the Invoice and resend a numbered invoice using the Default Invoice group.

My problem is - is it possible to set the Identifier (Proforma), before the Invoice label for the group ‘Proforma Invoice’ ?

Please see below image for clarity…

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Well … it’s a layout issue.
Show the layout you used, especially the part above the table with the details.

I love your construction for creating a non-numbered proforma invoice.
Would you mind documenting it on our github docs repository?

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I was thinking of something perhaps an ‘if else’ statement within the files that generate the pdf and also the page ‘/guest/view/invoice’ to change the word ‘Invoice’ to ‘Proforma’ if the invoice_group equalled the group ID, in this case ‘7’
I could then set the Identifier to: Invoice
And then it would display: Proforma Invoice


if invoice_group = 7 then title = Proforma
else title = Invoice

Could you please advise which files would require changing, and the code required to do so?