Stripe payment gateway showing, the rest not showing

At the Online Payments / Payment Methods I can only Strype as a payment option, and none of the other. Stype does not support South African Rand payments. I use InvoicePlane v1.6.1
I cannot find any documentation, or maybe do not look at the right place how to go about adding e.g. Payfast or the most popular payment gateway for South Africa called Yoco.
Please help

I’ve split off your question to your own separate question.

Take a look at this pull-request:

naui is adding the ‘mollie’ payment gateway there. Adding the payment gateways you mention should be something similar to that.

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Thank you. If I knew how I would have added Yoco from which is the greatest cheapest payment gateway in South Africa. None of the ones you mentioned support South Africa. Paypal only support one bank but is very expensive, so people use Yoco which is supported by all banks in South Africa.
Thank you, and thanks for the hard work.

Well, let’s focus on Yoco for you.
Naui gave an example with his PR.
Let’s look at it from 2 ways: the “code” view and the user’s perspective" view.

Further down i’ll describe Step 0

Step 1: Adding Yoco to the list


  • I’m opening application/config/payment_gateways.php
  • I see a long list of “gateways”
  • Add your “yoco” to that list
    “User view”:
  • Go to the location where you can select the payment gateway
  • Click on the dropdown box
  • Do you see “Yoco”?
    Great! Commit your work in your own personal branch. Step 1 is done.

Step 0: Creating a Branch

You have now added your config file to your own personal branch on your repository