Notes not showing in quote

i had set some notes in setting>quotes>Default Notes.

but its not showing in new quotes PDF either i download PDF or Email it to client.

also, custom fields are not showing in quotes.

As stated in various other thread the PDF templates haven’t been updated since v1.2.0. You can add any fields you want manually.

can you please tell me how to do it?

Read InvoicePlane v1.4.1 released

and refer to the wiki for custom fields:

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I know that this is an old topic, but it still seems unresolved.
I have added the notes to the default “blue” template for the pdf quotes.

System Settings > Quotes > Default Notes

Please download here:!VVRzyCja

Copy this file to: application/views/quote_templates/pdf/

To have your pdf show the default note you have to select the “blue” quote template.
System Settings > Quotes > Default PDF Template

Also note, that this file will most probably be over-written in any future updates.
This is as of v1.4.3

Hope this helps somebody.


I can’t download the files : Mega asks for a crypt key :confused:

I think there was a problem with Mega servers yesterday as I was unable to login my account as well, but today, its fine.

I’ve now upload to my Dropbox:

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Thanks it’s OK now ! t’s probably easy for a lot of people to modify such files themselves , but I’m learning PHP/HTML by trying to get the good template for me : so your file is a great help ! :grinning:

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I’m also trying to get the default quotes notes appear in my PDF quotes but there is something I can’t figure : how to call the default note data in my quote pdf template ?
It’s apparently stored in the “ip_settings” table with the setting_key “default_quote_notes” and the text I’ve entered on the page “invoiceplane/index.php/settings#settings-quotes” is indeed in the “setting_value” field of this table.

Like every other setting: <?php echo get_setting('default_quote_notes'); ?>

[solved] Thanks !