503 error after some days i have changes the default thema to a other thema

hi guys,

Since this morning I have been getting a 503 error, the server log says nothing, is there a way to find out what the problem is?

Can I download and move the files again using the same database so that I do not lose any invoices?

Would love to hear from you

Hey Michael,
I’ll send you an invite to Slack, so i can help you this weekend.

Yes, you can download the files and move them to a different location.
Personally i would download the .zip from invoiceplane.com

Keep in mind, that the uploads directory contains your .pdf files of your invoices.

The way i look at it at the moment:

  • Backup database
  • Backup ipconfig.php
  • Download the .pdf files
  • Re-upload .zip to new location
  • restore database
  • place new information for new database on new location in ipconfig.php
  • place the .pdf files in the uploads directory

Keep in mind, that there might be a setting regarding sessions in your ipconfig.php, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

As soon as new location is working, download old files from old location. Keep them as a backup.

Unless you have changed files in your old location? You have a special thema, you said?

Hi underdog,

I did exactly what you explained, unfortunately immediately a 503 error on the server.

I selected another theme that simply appears in the system itself and it worked for two weeks. I don’t know if that is the problem.

I also restored a backup from yesterday, but the database immediately showed a 503 error in the log i find nothing.

Thanks that you will help me

Ok,step 1 is a default .zip installation, no backups, nothing changed.
Rename your ipconfig.php.example to ipconfig.php
Change the database credentials, place the url in your ipconfig.php file

It should show a setup, setup like it’s day 1 of usage.
Still works? Great.
Rename working DB and make new DB and restore your backup.
Check again.

Nothing working?
Interesting. I would love to know, then we can work on that.

Hi Underdog,

can i message you in slack?

Yep, i’ve sent you a message on Slack