Invoice and Quote Not Working

I just downloaded and installed Invoice Plane. I carefully read the Wiki and FAQs. I understand that your time is valuable and I am probably the millionth person to have this problem. Everything seems to be working fine on Invoice Plane. I added products and a new client. but when I click on Invoice or Quote I cannot add a new invoice or quote. I can list invoices and quotes but not create a new one. I checked my current log and browser for errors. None were generated when I clicked on new Invoice or Quote. I received a 200 message back. So I am mystified as to what I am doing wrong. Maybe I missed something in the setup process? Or have an incorrect Setting? Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you very much. Tim in Montana

I worked on this problem some more. I discovered that Invoice Plane can be installed via Softaculous. I use A2 Hosting and they offer it as a free service. So I installed Invoice Plane via A2 hosting and softaculous. I put it in a subdirectory. The installation was quick and easy. Everything worked perfectly! Now I can create new invoices and quotes. The Wiki installation page was helpful but lacked complete instructions.
I chose to install Invoice Plane in a subdirectory named suite.

Softaculous created a .htaccess file that contained the proper code.
It also wrote a copy of the ipconfig.php file with my domain name and path in it. I had that correct before. I think the new .htaccess file was the key to getting Invoice Plane to work properly

I tried to add code examples but the forum software would not allow URLs.

So if you struggled like I did you now have some answers. Hope this helps.
Best Regards,
Tim in Montana

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Hey Tim, welcome, man!
Thanks for your explanations.

I’ve fixed the fact where you couldn’t upload Urls.

We have a place on github where you can directly correct the documentation, that would be a better place.

Many thanks to UnderDog and everyone else who contributes to Invoice Plane and this forum. I worked all day on Invoice Plane. It is an excellent program that does everything well. Thanks to all for maintaining and improving it!

Yesterday I had trouble trying to get Invoice Plane to run properly. It worked but would not allow me to create new quotes or invoices. I could not post my experience completely because the Forum would not allow URLs. UnderDog fixed that and now I can share my experience. I am doing this with the hope that more people will get to experience a first-rate program for invoice, quote, and mailing list maintenance.

On March 28, 2024 I spent an hour or so reading about Invoice Plane and studying the Wiki. It seemed like a good program so I downloaded the newest version 1.6, from I have installed PHP scripts on my host’s server before so I was familiar with the process. I followed the Wiki installation guide closely.

Unfortunately, the Wiki was slightly out of date or I read it incorrectly. By default the 1.6 version installs in a subdirectory named “IP”. I wanted to install it in a subdirectory named “suite”. When the installation was complete my path looked like HTTP:// The Wiki guide was clear about editing the myconfig.php.example file. I did that and added my above directory path. Then I renamed the file myconfig.php. The Wiki was not so clear about the HTACCESS file. What the Wiki said did not correspond exactly to my HTACCESS file. So I opened the file and saw this:

 InvoicePlane htaccess

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
  RewriteEngine On
  ### uncomment and adjust if installed in subdirectory
  # RewriteRule . /subfolder/index.php [L]
  RewriteRule . /suite/index.php [L]

I found this confusing. Invoice Plane went into a subdirectory by default. So why was the code set up for a root directory install? Should I uncomment and edit the first line? It seemed so. But then what do I do with the second ReWrite Rule? I was not sure what the code did so I tried both actions and tested Invoice Plane between them. Still, new quotes and new invoices could not be created. I searched around the internet for another hour and found a few other people with the same problem. No solutions though. I took a break for lunch and a much-needed nap.

Refreshed I searched some more and discovered that Softaculous had an autoinstaller for Invoice Plane. My host, AT Hosting, offered Softaculous for free. So I gave it a try and asked Softaculous to install Invoice Plane in my suite subdirectory. Invoice Plane was up and running in less than 10 minutes.

I checked the myconfig.php and HTACCESS files that Softaculous changed. The myconfig.php matched what Wiki recommended. The HTACCESS file was untouched but a new .HTACCESS file was created. That file matched what was in the Wiki. The Rewrite line “RewriteRule . /suite/index.php [L]” showed the proper path for Invoice Plane as well. The second Rewrite rule I mentioned earlier was gone.

Please note that the new HTACCESS file starts with a period where the original one did not. I do not know enough to understand the significance of the period. But experience showed me it is critical.

So if you are running into the same issues that I had, do not despair. The program is worth installing and there are several ways to achieve a successful installation. Perhaps by the time you read this, the Wiki will be updated by someone better versed in HTACCESS files than me.

Best wishes to all,
Tim in Montana

Great post, Tim!
Glad you like the software.

The . in front of .htaccess is very important.
Apache will read that file and make yhe necessary rewrites according to the rules in that file.

Without the . Apache will not read that file.