How to display custom field in list view?


Is it possible to add a custom field in the list view ?

I added a custom property to the Invoice object. I would like it to de visible in the “View Invoices” page (as a column). Is it possible ?

Another option, to me, should be the ability to add an other status for an invoice but it looks unlikely to happen. :slight_smile:

Thanks is advance for your tips.

This is a very nice piece of software !

Hi Jean-Christophe,

Welcome, man!
First: adding new invoice status: take a look at this pull-request: New invoice status by iEscapedVim · Pull Request #990 · InvoicePlane/InvoicePlane · GitHub someone already made an effort for that.

We just need to keep in mind going to InvoicePlane V2 to keep those same statuses.

If we have now, that new last one, for example Disputed, then in InvoicePlane V2 it will be more difficult to add more statuses, if that makes sense.

Adding custom_fields to the invoices index:

  • /application/modules/invoices/InvoiceController, it shoukd have a function called index, which probably points to a function called status,

  • Take a lookvat which query is used, most likely from the model.

The problem with custom_fields is, when you have 20 custom_fields and you join the invoices table with it, you might get 20 extra invoices recordx of that same invoice, if that makes sense.

So… first look at the PR, it might have your solution

Thanks a lot for your quick reaction ! :slight_smile:

I am not a developer at all !
I was super proud of myself after updating the PDF template to add the tax amount column in the invoices :smiley:

I don’t now how to handle a pull request to integrate it in our setup.

Maybe you will have another suggestion if you know the context.

We are a Non profit organisation and we manage a festival (20k visitors last year)
We use InvoicePlan to generate invoces for VIP/Sponsors and we are a team of people using it.
The goal is to make a “draft” of an invoice, save it until the content is agreed by the sponsor and ourself.
When we all agree, someone will “validate” the invoice and the invoice will be sent.
When the invoice is paid, we can send the hospitality to the customer/sponsor and, ideally, update the invoice to a new status like “processed”.
The goal is to be able to filter the invoices by status (if we use a new status) or by a custom field if we do not use a custom status but a new field.
This is not the same people how deal with the three stages of the process. The filter would be easier to know “who do need do do what?” if that makes sense…