Where are SMTP details stored?

I’m attempting to get IP1.6.1 running on W11 as a more or less stand-alone single user app.

It’s probably the oddities of W11 but IP seems to have trouble reliably sending emails via GMail using SMTP settings… (My PHP test script using PHPMailer works EVERY time!)

Anyway, weirdly, IP seems to recover it’s SMTP powers for a while if I reenter my GMail App Password. (Voodoo I know.)

But that’s laborious for me, and a bit of an ask for my “customer” (my wife).
So, while I figure out what’s really broken I need to write and run a Windows BATCH script to rewrite the data back where it’s actually stored…

So, can anyone tell me where the SMTP details which I enter into IP are stored. If it’s in the MySQL DB, which table is that in?
If it’s elsewhere… I’d really like to know where please.

Fingers crossed…

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I * think *, that the smtp settings are stored in the ip_settings table.
If they would have been stored in ipconfig.php i would have remembered.

Yup! The email related settings are in the ip_settings table, but way down the list of fields shown in PHPMyAdmin’s display.

You were right, of course.

I am humbled. But also pleased to report PHPMyAdmin’s SEARCH still works, 10 year after I last had a need, and so does changing display to show > 25 lines (fields). I think I’m a case of late onset beginners syndrome. :slight_smile:

Many thanks.


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And how did you like the layout of phpMyAdmin? And the colors?
It gives me a back-to-the 90’s feel, every time i have to jump in there

Thanks again for your help.

Ah! PHPAdmin. One of the best things surviving from the 90s.
(Unlike my computing degree that has laid fallow these many a year.)

Thin veneer of “2-panes and drop-down menus” over the “Everything-On-Top” model works for me, and apparently enough people to still be around after 25 years.
Colours? Refreshingly retro!
And a little relief from Apple’s pernicious grey on grey aesthetic that has reduced legibility and long since leapt off the screen into an ever duller world at large…
(Have you tried to find your grey german car in a parking lot lately?)

Oh dear. If your an admin for this site. Feel free to remove this way-off-topic rant/sermon.

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