No themes available to choose

I saw a similar issue described in a 2 year old post but there was no solution offered.
A few years ago I had a look at v1.5.11 years ago (on W7 w. WampServer) and didn’t see this problem. Now I’ve returned to IP (now v1.6.1) with serious intent to use this gem on W11 w. WampServer (or XAMPP) locally hosted as a single user application.

Recently I’ve installed IP1.6.1 on both WampServer and XAMPP (both with Apache 2.4.x and PHP 8.1.x) and BOTH fail in the same way…

I navigate via menus:
Settings>System Settings>General>
And I try the Themes dropdown looking for options…
I see: “No results Found”.

How do I get to choose, or at least change the Theme?
I’d be happy to hear I’ve made a rooky mistake.
Any hacks or work-arounds also welcome.

Thanks in anticipation.
– BG

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Windows has problems with // and \\
There’s a ginormous chance that that’s the reason why it cannot find those themes.

I’ll take a look tonight.
I’m almost certain someone resolved it somehow

You haven’t made any mistake, no worries

There’s a function, like ‘findThemesDirectory’, something like that.

As soon as you’ve found that function, the hack is easy.
Linux dies everything with /
When you replace the / in that function with either DS or DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR you’ll be allright

@BG_Rawlins: this will solve your problem in windows.
Change line 129 in Mdl_settings.php as indicated in the screenshot below.

Thanks VeRony!
That did the trick!
An oh so helpful genius!!!

…Now only to fix my intermittent SMTP failure (best guess a W11/Firewall thing) and, to make some presentable PDF and email templates (after learning a bit of CSS I guess).

Thanks again!