Prompt payment discount

new user here and trying demo before starting. Im ditching my paid for supply as Im not getting value for money, client base of 30 invoiced monthly for same amount ( magazine ad ) and with two key features being add on’s doubling my £12 per month namely recurring invoice √ now my question is there a feature for ’ discounts for prompt payment’ ? we offer 5, 10 or 15% for 3,6, 12 month deals and payment before due date but do not know how to add.
Looking forward to being able to use this OS program. Thank you

We don’t have that, but you can create a product with those amounts and put them on the invoice

product 100
discount -5 or -1*5
total: 95

Will that help?

that helps in placing each persons discount. what it doesnt do is only make it available by date if paying early to qualify. not a problem though, Invoice Plane allows for recurring which google didnt and quickbooks was going to go from £14 to £28. how mad. Thanks

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