SaaS providers?


I would like to try the solution. But in an environment more stable than what is accessible through the Demo. Any provider available? I have searched here and more in general but none came up.


What do you mean? Dl you want to try it out first before you install it on your personal server?

The demo server lets everyone change to their own language, so that might be confusing somehow.

The orher solution is to install it on your local system using Docker, for example.

The 2 install providers are Installatron and Softaculous, but i think they mostly install it on yoir server using their service.

One solution i can think of is setting up an AWS instance and then let Installatron install InvoicePlane for you

I mean Software as a Service. Not installed or managed by me. Thanks.

Hey @wm2 I can setup an environment for you to test out InvoicePlane in a separate environment. I will write to you in private.

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