Php 8.2 error A PHP Error was encountered

Am receiving the following errors i need assistance
Severity: Warning

Message: Packets out of order. Expected 0 received 45. Packet size=4739923

Filename: mysqli/mysqli_driver.php

Line Number: 211


A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: mysqli::real_connect(): Error while reading greeting packet. PID=1098789

Filename: mysqli/mysqli_driver.php

Hey @digitalk2, welcome, man!

InvoicePlane v1.6.1 is NOT compatible with PHP 8.2

InvoicePlane relies on CodeIgniter. They’re working on a PHP 8.2 compatible version: bcit-ci/CodeIgniter#6188 (comment)
bcit-ci/CodeIgniter#6170 (comment)