How to open user panel

I want to create user panel but when I install at our server then user panel not opening so please guide me how to open user panel and there permission

What do you mean with user panel?
A portal where that user, maybe your client can log in and only see his own invoices?

Thanks for reply
This means there is an option to add a new user, but when I log in as a new user, I get an error that this account is not configured. Please contact the system administrator.
please check the below link of screenshot

Hi @Vikas_Rai welcome to InvoicePlane. The error message you are being shown when you try to login as a guest user is shown when the guest user has not been assigned to any client yet. To assign the guest user to one or more clients you must

  1. login as an administrator

  2. navigate to the users view (your screenshot 1; on how to get there see also our wiki link underneath)

  3. select the assigned clients tab

  4. assign clients to the user.

For more information refer to our wiki User Accounts - InvoicePlane Wiki ore reach out here to us.

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