ERROR - [Unable to load the requested language file: language/French/custom_lang.php]

IP v1.6.1
when I create a client with a language other than “English”

I keep getting a red screen when I want to view the invoice for that customer.

Apparently the file “custom_lang.php” is present only in the English IP v1.6.1 language folder.
In all the other language folders, the custom_lang.php file is not present.
In the 1.6.1 beta3 version, they were still there…

copy custom_lang.php from the English directory to your preferred language directory.

By default, especially with new installs, the custom_lang.php should be ‘empty’ (it returns an empty array)

Check out this commit:

So if we need certain (custom) translations, we need to copy the “custom_lang.php” file from the English folder to our specific language folder and then add the custom language items.

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Correct and if in trans_helper.php that check is present (that link to the commit i posted), it will do the following:

  1. is custom_lang.php present for my preferred language
  2. if present, then load that file
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