Taxes au Canada

Hello we have 2 taxes in Canada

How to create a product with 2 taxes

and how to create a report for remit after 3 month


What is a report for remit?
Can you explain in detail what you want to see in that report?

Every 3 month i need a report to send my taxes to the governement
i’m sorry i’m a french guy

No worries, i just didn’t know what that term was :slight_smile:

So you need to make a new report and every time you click on it, it will need to give you the tax information for your government.

I’ll have to look into how to make a new report, i don’t know that from the top of my head.

I’ll get back to you after the weekend

Thanks VERY much

And how to generate 2 taxes on an item ?

product 100,00

TPS @ 5% 5,00 $
TVQ @ 9,975% 14,98 $ ( tax on tax)

114,98 total

I don’t think we have that possibility at this moment.
I would create a “product” line item and add that second tax