Invoice in archive is empty (zero bytes)

EDIT: I found out that the file on the web server is correct! Only the file downloaded via Settings > Invoice archive is empty.

When the PDF of an invoice is created, the PDF file placed in archive is empty (zero bytes), while having Greek as the main language in System Settings. No problems when using English or French.

Filename when using English: 2015-06-08_Invoice_9.pdf
Filename when using French: 2015-06-08_Facture_9.pdf
Filename when using Greek: 2015-06-08_Τιμολόγιο_9.pdf

Might be a problem with Greek characters?

Bug can be reproduced: Always
IP Version: 1.4.1
Browsers: Chromium v43.0.2357.18 64bit
OS: Win 7 64Bit

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@Pitma Could you please take a look.

Hi Felix,

that means, the file is correctly saved on your Webspace but if you download it through Settings the file is empty?

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Heya Patrick,

Yes, exactly that!

Thanks :smiley:

Hey there,

issue is fixed and should be available in the next minor release!

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Great! You’re awesome :thumbsup: