Send Email Recipient Empty

Hi All,

Been using Invoiceplane for a few days now, love how it works etc and how simple but have a slight issue.

When I create an invoice, click send email the recipient email field is blank, have checked the user has an email address but it just doesn’t fill it in.

Currently on the latest beta as the stable version did the same so thought I would try the beta and see if that fixes it but sadly it didn’t.

Any help appreciated.


Only found one other mention of an empty To field on here but they found out the user they were testing had no email address saved.

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Hey @MarkC welcome, man!

If you want, you cab create a bug report on github.
New bug report on GitHub

You’ll love the bug number you’ll be getting…

These are the questions from the bug report:
Most important one is ‘Steps to reproduce’

Expected Behavior

Current Behavior


Possible Solution

Steps to Reproduce

Context (Environment)

Detailed Description

Possible Implementation

Failure Logs

Done, thanks for that.

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