Quote ID in 0 error

Dear, I can’t get out of the error “The Quoted # field must contain a unique value.”
when trying to edit a quote.
When I generate another budget it doubles the previous ones.
Check and repair the database and NOTHING

Thanks for the help

Quoted field?

Tey to answer these questions:

i have a quote with number … i try to edit that quote. I get error … (screenshot)
i edited the quote with the following information:

  • detail
  • detail
  • detail

Answer them in your own language and then let Google Translate translate it for you.
Most important detail is the field that InvoicePlane is saying that the value already exists

Expected Behavior

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The error occurs when you try to generate a new budget and/or modify an existing one, it always throws the error “The Presupuesto # field must contain a unique value.”
I have modified the invoice group, reviewed the database and nothing
I don’t want to do a new installation, I lose all the customization

in the database the “quote_Id” is always generated as “0”

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I am really confused.
quote_id is a number that automatically increments.

Are you sure you are talking about quote_id and not quote_number

can you show piece of database where those 0 are? screenshot?

Thanks for answering, yes, it is very strange, but it is definitely quote_id field, when you try to create a new record it records 0. Maybe it is the type of field that is incorrect, it is an installation that comes from another hosting, it was migrated .
When you try to update a record the same thing happens, wrong id number

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the quote_id should be primary key, autoincrementing field.
Make a screenshot of you going to the structure of the table, showing all fields

I usually use phpmyadmin

Repairing this is strange work. I would re-install and try to move over the values from the old table

Still: show screenshot of when you browse the table, it all depends on hlw many rows were in the table before you moved from the old hosting

In all tables in the entire database rhe first field should be autoincrementing and should be primary key, so if that’s not the case, the move from the old host didn’t go well

When I manage to generate a record, they appear repeated up to 3 times, it is very strange


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edit the quote_id field
There should be something there with “autoincrementing” check that checkbox
The problem is that current values are now 0 and that shouldn’t be

Browse your quotes table, show how many rows there are with 0 as quote_id

probably 3, correct?
Think about removing those rows

But then you also need to remove the quote_items belonging to that row, quote_amounts, quote_item_amounts

If there is sensitive information, just mask it, i don’t need to know that
I just want to see those first few columns

After you have set autoincrementing to this table quote_id
Go by the other tables user_id in users table, invoice_id in invoices table, you name it