InvoicePlane as a App (MacOS) - [screenshots]

Hello everyone.
First time posting. So I’ve been using IP for a while now on my Mac via MAMP. I access it via a local web address using Safari. I was wondering if it is possible to create an App container for it to run in instead of a browser? Maybe by coding it with Xcode and Swift?


Well, to run InvoicePlane you need a web server (nginx), a database (MySQL) and PHP (vereion 8.1).

If you can compile that into an app container, go ahead.

An alternative is to wait until the Api is released. You can create your application then by consuming that Api

So I quickly created a “container” app in Xcode… named it BILLINGS, but the Download PDF doesn’t seem to work. Will have to see how to code that.
some screenshots attached.

Not sure if there are any App developers here that can maybe assist? The “app” is just pulling the website from MAMP.

For the logo not showing (of that’s the issue with the PDF, check out this fix.

Will also be fixed with next release, which is version 1.6.1

Hi not sure what you on about the logo? But in the “app” that I made you cannot download a PDF.

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