Errors when item price is less than zero

When the price of an item is less than zero (e.g. 0.5) we get the following errors:

The Item field is required.
The Description field is required.
The Quantity field is required.
The Price field is required.

although all of these details have been filled in.

The error does not appear for decimal values greater than zero.

Bug can be reproduced: Always
IP Version: 1.4.1
Browsers: Chromium v43.0.2357.18 64bit
OS: Win 7 64Bit


[size=10]Last Update: 15.06.2015 (marked as fixed)[/size]

Very interesting that amounts between 0 and 1 are counted as 0. Never imagined that this could be a problem.

Heya Kovah,

While fixing this would it be too much of a trouble to add more decimal places to the item price? (like for example €0,0865)

Issue was fixed.

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