Does anyone offer help with fixes, customizations, extensions for a fee?

I am interested in IP due to changes in Danish legislation. I estimate that there will be a growing need for a software solution like this, and will therefore offer it as a SaaS solution.

However, there are some minor adaptations that are necessary, and some extensions and integrations could be needed. I am therefore looking for help with this.
Who? Price?

Hi @TommyR, welcome.

InvoicePlane is open source, so don’t think price.
There are a few things you’re not allowed to do, but a lot of things that you’re allowed to do.

The things that can help the entire community (like a different theme or better Danish translations), i would send them as a pull-request to InvoicePlane itself, it will help everyone

Then write out what you want from the SaaS product and work from there.

Tommy, I’m a little confused as to the request here. Are you saying that you need some assistance with the changes to IP? If so, we are all volunteers here and work together to make the product as great as it can possibly be. The community would love to hear your recommendations and suggestions on enhancements for any upcoming release.

As far as offering IP as a SaaS solution, due to the license restriction, you are not allowed to charge for IP itself, but can charge your customers a hosting fee or support. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your kind reply
I think I understand the License issues quite well, and will not violate those.
I will do my part as well where my abilities can make a difference, language is a good example.
I need help with coding for some extensions - for that I’m willing to pay, but for free and for all is OK for me.

Pls. do not misunderstand me, I’m all for free and free for all - but I will need some coding (intergrations) which might not be so interesting for general users - for that I’m prepared to pay.

I think that you should take a look at the license - there are no limitations, I can do all I want in any way I want - only not violate InvoicePlane name and logo.