500 error (Update from 1.5.11 to 1.6)

I’m getting the error 500, updating from 1.5.11 to 1.6 after uploading the new files. I have not been able to run /setup because of this.

I’m on PHP version 8.0, however I did try 7.4 also with no resolution.

Have followed the “upgrade to 1.6.0 from 1.5.11 instructions” to a tee. Made sure select files not overwritten, added # to ipconfig.php etc.

Database settings have not changed. Working perfectly for years before upgrade… So I doubt database connection problem.

I have checked the .htaccess to ensure to rewrite rule is enabled for installation within a subdirectory

RewriteRule . /invoice/index.php [L]

Any ideas on how to resolve? Thanks

Open your ipconfig.php file and put quotes around your password in the line that starts with DB_PASSWORD=
Let’s say my password is DB_PASSWORD=Invoice#"Pl@neIsGr3@t, then that new password line would become: DB_PASSWORD='Invoice#"Pl@neIsGr3@t'

Give it a try.
Also: Internal Server errors (500) would end up in a log somewhere.
The log for InvoicePlane is located in /application/log

Thanks UnderDog,

  1. Tried adding quotes around password (no success).
  2. Re-uploaded 6.0 files (no success).
  3. There are no new logs in /application/log (all last year)

Here’s a link to a txt file containing both my ipconfig.php and .htaccess (database information and key removed). Maybe there is something incorrect there…?

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I don’t see nothing incorrect in the .txt file.

Can you re-install 1.6.0 in a different directory?
Maybe, hopefully wjth a new database?

There must be error logs somewhere on your server. I’m very interested in the error logs.
Maybe not in /application/logs, but surely in the server’s own error log location

  1. Find error logs
  2. Re-install, because by accessing /newlocation/index.php/setup you’ll already know if InvoicePlane is loading