Trouble Deleating Invoices

Hello, i have trouble to apply this Invoice Deletion… To begin, I don’t even know how to Open /application/config/config.php. Can someone help me ?

Thank you,

Open /application/config/config.php and replace
$config['enable_invoice_deletion'] = FALSE;
$config['enable_invoice_deletion'] = TRUE;
To see the delete option in the pulldown, you also need to replace $config['disable_read_only'] = FALSE;
$config['disable_read_only'] = TRUE;

You’ve asked the question twice, so i’ve archived one of those questions

Open ipconfig.php instead and you’ll find tour option that you’re looking for there

The ipconfig.php is located in the ‘root’ of your InvoicePlane, so after you downloaded the .zip file long, long time ago, in that file you found ‘application’, but also ‘index.php’.
In that same place is your ipconfig.php

Find this piece:

# Enable the deletion of invoices