Mixed Content Warnings on new installation

Hello InvoicePlane community

TLDR - Running a fresh install hosted via Apache on Ubuntu 22.04, access is via a Cloudflare tunnel and SSL is setup at server side and through Cloudflare. I am currently getting some Mixed Content Warnings that prevent CSS from loading at all and give warnings when protected fields such as passwords are submitted (unless I disable the block on my web browser’s end). Dev tools confirms that it’s having issues with insecure scripts being loaded over http

I’ve found some info through Google indicating that this can be solved through an addition to a PHP file, but this seems mostly centred around WordPress - How to Fix Mixed Content/Insecure Content Issue in Apache/PHP - Fedingo

Does anyone have any advice on what can be edited to get these insecure request rewritten?

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Hi therr,
Welcome, man! Great question.
Let’s first check 1 thing:

  • open ipconfig.php and check the IP_URL= what it says there. Change it to https and check those errors again.

Now … the changing of the html. The file to change is application/modules/layout/views/includes/head.php
but i would look for other possibilities first