IP not working in chrome (Fine in Edge)

Hi all.
I have been using IP for several years now to track subcontract work. It has been flawless until Friday. I use Chrome and now what I see is just text. It works fine in MS Edge so not really an issue with IP unless chrome added a new feature or something that needs to be adjust in IP.
Current IP version is 1.5.10.

Even on your website itself, this happens. It is probably because ressources are getting requested through HTTP, while you called the URL via HTTPS!?

You are correct. I wonder what changed? I am using the same link I have always used. It I use the https I get the error if I use http it works as expected.
Thank you for the reply M4rt1n. Now I have somewhere to start looking at the TLS issue.

Since this appears to be on your whole domain, which must be a domainwide settings that changed. Maybe some HTTP to HTTPS redirection missing?

I know a lot of folks that turned of some Cloudflare Settings on their end and ended up with this effect. But AFAIK you do not use Cloudflare?

Correct I am not using cloudcare. I have a ticket with my hosting company so maybe they can shed some light on it.