How to become member of (to be added)?

There are certain new features announced (e.g. QR code integration for SEPA and non-SEPA payment (BIC included)), in we would like to test and improve.

In order to view the code, how can we become members of this Slack group ?

Links to these new features in js/php (3 files) are added by :Verony-makesIT

Features are announced by Verony on his github fork of v 1.6, here:

In order to view the code, how can we become members of this Slack group

Verony does not have a slack group on

There will not be any code regarding that fork on InvoicePlane’s slack.
I’ve looked at those 2 links and there’s not much code there.

It should either be in his fork or in the pull-request that he will create, once he thinks his feature is done. is not the slack group of Verony’s fork.

we would like to test and improve
Great! Why don’t you suggest those improvements right here?
Change the title of your topic, mention Verony and make your suggestions.

Normally we don’t talk about forks on this forum, but for this feature we’ll make an exception

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Is Slack Workplace just a CUG or anybody can participate ?

I don’t know what CUG is, anyone can participate.

Any discussions around forks aren’t done there

CUG = Closed User Group

Here’s your link.

I’m looking forward to your ideas regarding his pull-request

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Thanks. General idea is to make possible to create PDF417 code on Quotes (autogenerated also on Invoices), to translate PDF417 to QR code, and to have (final goal) some kind of rudimentary simple Template editor, to position these 2D and 3D bar-codes on documents (mpdf and template modifications), so that it works in 1.6.1x if approved. His creator for QR with BIC is not sufficient for certain payments, but concept is a good start. For everything else we would research the subject from various threads and propose best solution implemented in forks, and ofher available code. If there is non, we will write it ourself.

Thanks, for the invite.


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