IP 1.6 stable (Failed to parse dotenv file)

I am attempting to install a clean 1.6 stable version onto my local host. I’m following the instructions and at step 3, my setup page returned this:

Fatal error: Uncaught Dotenv\Exception\InvalidFileException: Failed to parse dotenv file. Encountered an invalid name at [<?php exit('No direct script access allowed'); ?>]. in W:\wamp\www\donyaCo\ip\vendor\vlucas\phpdotenv\src\Parser\Parser.php on line 30

I looked around the forum to see if others had similar issues but nothing found. I’m running php 8.1.13.

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Open up your ipconfig.php file and place a ‘#’ in front of the <?php (whatever it ways there)

I have a references for you with basically the same solution:

Next, you might run into 2 things:

Current version in development branch is v1.6.1-beta-2

Beta 3 is on its way.
They have the PDF problem and that pesky ipconfig.php problem resolved

That worked. Thx. Recommend adding that to the readme file (e.g. Step 4b. Comment out the top line…)

Now i have 1.6.0 running and did some quick checks, I noticed the pdf generator is extremely slow in Chrome but supper efficient in MS Edge.

Yea, my client has been using IP for a while now. Got it all customized like he wants; lots of new features but his host is now charging to sustain PHP 7.4 so he pressed me to find a cure for the old IP. All my custom modules fit right in. Got lots of testing to do then I’ll push it to production server hopefully next week.

Thx UnderDog!

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All my custom modules fit right in

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