Database in Docker seems to be empty / no user created during installation

Hello! I have the same problem, I tried to add my username/password from MyAdmin, but I think the database is not encrypting my password, so I still can’t log in

I tried now using a function (im not sure what is, but it looks like a function for encrypt the password) but i still can´t login

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I’ve split your problem from the other problem.
Can you make a backup of your database before you continue

It looks like password_hash is the right function to hash the password for InvoicePlane.
You just also have to fill the field user_psalt, see screenshot

The full, salted password for 12345 is $2y$10$1Wg8riqAWJ7KtF1EYvS/deYj4aEsmnWbZ1Dtw0sM5s7hxDeSJxjuy