Removing dummy invoices and quotes

I have been setting up IncoicePlane and in doing so have created a few dummy invoices and quotes for testing. Now I want to start invoicing for real, how do I get rid of the quotes created and invoices created so that they are no longer on the system DB and the counts start from zero, also the invoice totals “sent” are made zero as well … (I sent emails to test)


PS: Actually I found I can get rid of all draft quotes and invoices, just not the ‘sent’ ones … how do I get rid of those …

Actually, i would start with a ‘fresh’ database:

  • log out
  • create new database
  • open ipconfig.php
  • DB_DATABASE=newly_created_db
  • set SETUP_COMPLETED=false
  • set DISABLE_SETUP=false

Now, if you go back to your site, it should show your setup page abd that will create the new database

^^ set that to true

I don’t want to start a new database, as I have done a lot of work with products and invoices …

If they another solution, can I edit the database somehow?

And this one?


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