500 Server Errors after Update to 1.6.0 (continued)

Exact same issues for me on a new install…

error 500, commented out first line of ipconfig and got to the DB connect and now get error:

Cannot connect to the database server with the provided database information. Please check the credentials and try again.

All my information is correct! I just glad its not just me…

@David_Smith welcome,
Can you go back to the default ipconfig.php that you copied from ipconfig.php.example? You will be getting the other Internal Server error.

Are you working with Xampp or Mampp or docker? Are you working locally or on a server?

Same thing for me when i tried to upgrade.

I’ve split your problem from the old topic to bump your problem to the top of the topics list

@David_Smith only problems with connecting with the database?

Your password in your ipconfig.php, you might want to put that password in quotes.

So if the password is: “invoicePlane!sgre@t!”, i would still put it in quotes in the ipconfig.php:

Still… a little bit more information would be helpful:

  • I’m using PHP version …
  • I’ve placed the # at the top of the ipconfig.php
  • the only problem i have left is with connecting…

etc, etc