Emails can't be sent

hi i have some problems to send email.
I configured all in the interface but nothing… I asket to the provider but they told me that it is all ok on the server.

i read the posts about this problems… but it doesn’t seems to work.
I tried different solutions…

Hi @alexia74, let’s try to trouble shoot. Does the dashboard show any warning or error messages? Have you tried to activate the debug mode (set debug to TRUE in your ipconfig.php file) and see what is the output in the debug file?

Same thing for me… all of a sudden no emails are being sent! I have beat hostgator to death and they keep saying its the script. im ready to abandon this after 4-5 years and go to something else.

“It’s not sending emails”
So: how to troubleshoot your problem:

  1. i’m sending emails to …
  2. the smtp server i’m using is …
  3. i also tried smtp server of … gmail (?) (don’t forget to turn on app password)

At the moment I solved using smtp of the provider. But I told them that there was a problem…
so I don’t know if they did something.
Because also the first time wiht their smtp it doesn’t work…
Is there something that the provider has to do?

i suppose the main problem is with google.
I have some account with google suite (and domain), it didn’t work.
I tried also to use ssl:// as suggested here.

The problem probably relies in your hosting provider. What “sending method” were you using when the e-mails were not working?

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@naui95 I tried php mailer, with google. Then, I created a new mail and used smtp, the first time it didn’t work, now it works. I used php mailer on my website… so it worked on it. But not with invoiceplane… strange.

I know it’s solved by now, which is awesome.
Keep in mind that sending rhrough Google should be working.
You just need to do some extra steps (set an app password, mark the application as insecure, you know, the usual).

When you have problems we just need lots of details.

Glad it works for now

yes, too complicated…
I have 2 factors auth.
at the moment I’d like to undestand what the provider did…:smiley: