InvoicePlane doesn't work on PHP 8.2 yet: errors config

Hi, I am trying to install IP on a PHP 8.2 server (NearlyFreeSpeech). The server already has a working wordpress installation, so I’ve unzipped all the files in the /home/public/invoices sub directory, given chgrp web and chmod -R 775 to /invoices and also set up .htaccess and ipconfig.php accordingly to reflect the subdirectory settings.

I’ve also run composer update to make sure all modules are up to date

When I load /invoices/index.php/setup, I get a huge string of errors:

Any help would be much appreciated! I familiar with shell commands and have installed / updated / maintained wordpress sites from shell etc but not 100% confident / trained in PHP so not sure where to begin with unpacking. I’ve normally been able to overcome errors through google searches but haven’t managed to get anything to work so far!

OK ignore this, I manage to solve this. My server was PHP 8.2, and as soon as I downgraded to PHP 8.1 it was working fine.

As far as I can see this is because IP 1.6.0 uses an older version of CodeIgniter which is barely compatible with PHP 8.0 and only recently made compatible with PHP 8.1 so anything above 8.1 won’t work for now.

Would be good to clarify in the requirements page that IP 1.6.0 only works currently with PHP 8.0 and 8.1!

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Yup, you’re right. Will do, thanks for the hint.

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