Unique links to blank invoices

Hi there, I’ve been with Invoice Ninja for the past 7 years but now have to find an alternative because they no longer support blank invoice links that are automatically updated upon payment. Would it be okay to ask here if Invoice Plane will allow me to:

  1. Create an invoice for a certain amount with an invoice-specific URL that I can share to multiple people belonging to the same job/invoice

  2. When the invoice is paid, the invoice is automatically updated with name, email address and new balance (zero)

Thank you!

Hello @Berliner613, welcome to InvoicePlane. (1) Yes, InvoicePlane generates a public URL of the invoice you can share with multiple users and (2) yes, when the invoice is paid a paid template is used to show a different layout with a 0 balance and a “paid” watermark.

For any question feel free to ask.

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