Client already exists!

My current version of invoice plane is 1.6.0

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I have installed invoice plane on my server and I am very happy with it but I am having issues adding name because I have many customers with same name and title daily and I am not able to remember suffix like amit1, amit2, amit3. So, how to bypass client already exists issue. Please help.

Keep the unique part of those clients, it’s going to be a pain maintaining your own custom changes.

If you really want those changes, here are some of them:
Open up the database
Open the clients table
Remove the “unique” index

Open the source code and look for “client already exists”, it’s a translation string
Look flr that translation string in the sourcecode
There’s a piece of source that checks for the uniqueness of the client

You would need to change that piece of sourcecode.

Then the real problem:

  • every time we make a new version your changes are overwritten, so you need to keep the changes and apply them after you install a new version

As of now, I deleted ‘client already exists’ from source code, it worked:)
I will try to make a backup before updating to new version. Thank you for your response:)

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