Invoice Overview Period

When viewing the Dashboard, is it possible to show the ‘Invoice Overview Period’ between two dates such as the current tax year?

I can see the settings in System Settings>General, but the closest it allows is ‘This year’ which is the present calendar year.


Define Invoice Overview Period.
I have an invoice, invoice_date is April 1st 2023. Due date is May 1st 2023. What would then be that Invoice Overview Period?

That invoice would come under the previous tax year yet the received amount would fall into the present tax year, assuming your tax year was April 3rd 2023 >

If you want, you can make a new setting in the settings table, but then every time the tax year changes you would need to change that setting as well.

I’ve seen other accounting questions come by, but at the moment, i can’t remember where it was. It usually has something to do with, i believe, is called a ‘broken tax year’ where the new tax year doesn’t start at January 1st