Can I heavily modify the UI, some features, use InvoicePlane as a core and resell InvoicePlane as a SaaS product under a different name

Hello everyone,

I have a question about the license terms of InvoicePlane. I’m planning to modify the UI of InvoicePlane and add some features to it. After the modifications, I want to resell it as a SaaS product under a different name for profit. Is this allowed under the terms of the InvoicePlane license?

I’ve read the license terms of InvoicePlane and CodeIgniter, and I understand that I’m allowed to modify the software and sell copies of it, subject to the conditions of the license. However, I’m not sure if the license allows me to resell it as a SaaS product under a different name.

I would appreciate it if anyone with knowledge on this topic could provide some guidance. Thank you in advance for your help.

Selling it under ANY different name is prohibited.
You can not even sell it under a different name, even if you modify (theme) it.
It must always and on every page be visibale and clearly noticable, that this is InvoicePlane. The link and everything must be intact.

Please respect FOSS projects and if you want to modify anything feel free to contribute to it on GitHub.

Thanks for your understanding!