Stripe Online Payments returns 403/404 errors

Hi All,

I have been a few weeks suffering than my clients cannot using the Online Payment, the original issue came from I had in my dedicated server a down time by the supplier. Some web applications resources I have got hosted failed and I could repair them, but unfortunately the Billing System I have with Invoice Plane don’t.

The main issue is when I tried to choose Stripe - Online Payment it allows me to click Pay Now and after that returns the loading gear but when I am going to inspect the behaviour I’ve got the following issues below:

Thanks in advanced if you have any ideas what can reproduce this behaviour, I tried to upgrade the versions but the issue still persist.

Well, the url /guest/payment_information/stripe gives a 404 error, which means that the url “doesn’t exist”.
Are you using your server with /index.php/guest (etc?)
Maybe only that ‘stripe’ part is missing, check your settings

Hi @UnderDog , I have checked and from my index there is a path application/modules/guest and inside of it there is not a payment_information/stripe… Unless if InvoicePlane has changed the core for Gateways Payment methods, it used to work before and from previous version I can see it appears the same

payment_information/stripe will not exist in that djrectory. Maybe payment controller, or something like that.

So… triple, triple check your settings, to see if stripe is still there