Login error - An Error Was Encountered

On version 1.5.11.
Everything was working great until I input the wrong password on the login interface … after that it was impossible to access it … same error even I input the good password:
Red screen :
An Error Was Encountered
The action you have requested is not allowed.

I clear all the cookies and cache of the browser …still nothing.
Nothing also in the log file… no error.
If I change the browser and work like new.
If I duplicate the same things with the wrong password on the second browser same problem persists… and I need the third browser to use it now …
What can be?

Hi, welcome to the community! I must say that this error seems to be quite strange. InvoicePlane had up to v1.6.0 no rate limiting, so this cannot be your problem. To help you tackle the problem, please indicate to us if when you changed browser and logged in the system was functioning normally.

In any case it would be better to update your InvoicePlane installation to the last version (v1.6.0, see here: InvoicePlane - Downloads - InvoicePlane - An Open Source Invoicing Application)

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The first browser was OPERA.
When I change the (second) browser “CHROME” system works normally.
and after that, I try to do the same thing to input the wrong password… and after that same red screen error even though I return and input the good password clearing the cache, history, cookie everything. …still has the same Red error.

Now I use the third browser MOZILLA - the system works normally.
I don’t want to try again after that …no more access to the system on Mozilla also.


After trying to login with the wrong password were you shown a message that indicated that you were trying to login with the wrong credentials or the above shown error was prompted?

Only the red screen no other message with wrong credentials

When you say no errors are logged are you referring to InvoicePlane logs? Can you try to:

  1. Activate the debug mode by setting ENABLE_DEBUG in the ipconfig.php file to true. Did it now log something?
  2. What does the server error log show (especially the Apache or Ngnix log or the PHP log)?
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