Stripe ACH payment

Is there a way to setup Stripe to receive ACH credit transfers?

Apparently, Google is your friend:

Rechnungsstellung und ACH-Lastschriften | Stripe-Dokumentation.
ACH-Überweisungszahlungen mit Sources | Stripe-Dokumentation
ACH-Lastschriftzahlungen | Stripe-Dokumentation
Accept payments from bank accounts using ACH Direct Debits : Stripe: Help & Support

I want to use the ACH credit transfer which is only a $1 fee.
It looks like I need to code the server side which I’m not familiar with.
Could you possibly point me in the right direction.
I have edited code before, just don’t know where to put it.
Possibly tell me what files to put where, I would greatly appreciate it.
I receive large payments and the normal PayPal fee using their invoicing is $50-$100 per.