[Solved] Struggling to get InvoicePlane working

Hi All,

I’m trying to install the latest version of InvoicePlane (version 1.6.0) on Debian 11.6 but not having any success.

I am using this guide and have followed it precisely, only thing I did different is use PHP version 8.2, since the default 7.x version that ships with Debian 11 is unsupported.

Just downloaded the InvoicePlane zip, unzipped it to /var/www/html/invoiceplane, create a database and entered said database crendentials in the ipconfig.php file, configured Apache2 correctly (also the virtual host) and I’m getting a HTTP 500 ERROR when trying to access InvoicePlane through the web.

Any ideas what’s going wrong here?

HI @mk243582 thanks for reaching out. IP v.1.6.0 is currently tested only on PHP 8.1, so first thing (to be sure) you should downgrade the PHP version you are using to PHP 8.1.

Second, I suppose the 500 Error you are experiencing is because of a known bug in IP v. 1.6.0 (is fixed in the upcoming v 1.6.1) and must be manually adjusted until the official fix is not out there. To do so you must follow the installation guide that can be found here: Installation - InvoicePlane Wiki

If the error persists, feel free to get back to us.

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Thanks a lot! Managed to get it working now.


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