Stripe Payment Issue

Brand new to InvoicePlane, seems great so far. I tried to integrate it with Stripe tonight, using test API keys, and am getting this error:

Payment failed. Please try again.
Invalid request: unsupported Content-Type . If error persists and you need assistance, please contact support at Stripe: Help & Support.

I have debug logging on but there was nothing telltale generated in the log file.

I’ve perused the Internet and this forum and while I did see some other posts about various Stripe issues, I didn’t find anything about this one.

I’m using version 1.6, with PHP 8.1 and NGINX, hosted on an Ubuntu server. I’m guessing this is something with the integration to Stripe, and not something that I’ve done, and am hoping for some guidance on getting it resolved.

Hey, welcome,
If you want, i can guide you through making a pull-request.
Fiest things first, you need to go to the location where the ‘payment’ towards Stripe is made.
I think it’s this file:
This piece: $response = $gateway->purchase($request)->send(); sends the request.

We have to add extra things to the sending of the request, to satisfy Stripe’s Api.

Wether that’s in InvoicePlane or in the package that we use, omnipay, remains to be seen

Focus on this function: private function initialize_gateway($driver). In there, skme prelarations are done, right before we ask Omnipay for the ‘connection with Stripe’

Focus on this Stackoverflow answer: Laravel Omnipay/Stripe unable to send request on linux - Stack Overflow it has part of the solution

This was the issue at the omnipay github page Unable to send Stripe request · Issue #197 · thephpleague/omnipay-stripe · GitHub and a link to the solution: Laravel Omnipay/Stripe unable to send request on linux - Stack Overflow

Nobody else has a pending PR to resolve this?