Email not going to client version 1.6.0

I have noticed when trying to email invoices the emails are not going through to the clients email however I am getting the admin email with the invoice. I have tried different email address, checked the smtp settings Iv email changed the email send methods.

Hi, thanks for the report. Does it happen

  • on recurring invoices
  • On any invoice that is

And does it happen

  • only when there is a cc email address
  • always

Further, do you have the possibility to test and tell us which of the following is correct:

  • The email is not sent
  • The email does not reach the customer

If you need help to answer the questions, just ask :grinning:


Hi @Jas_Sangha91

checked the smtp settings

Are you using google’s SMTP server?

I am currently using the sendmail method now but was using smtp from my hosting so no not Googles smtp server.

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It happens on every invoice always including when CC and not. The email I think is sent as I receive the admin email as I have the following enabled “Send all outgoing emails as BCC to the admin account”

What happens if you try to send an invoice just to your admin email? Do you receive it?

same problem here