$item->product_sku in invoices but not in quotes? (again in v1.6.0)


In Jan '21 i opened this topic $item->product_sku in invoices but not in quotes? and i even provided a patch. But unfortunately it never got merged into the main branch and therefor it didn’t make it into v1.6.

I just re-applied the patch in my running v1.6 and it works like before in v1.5.

Is there a reason why this was never considered to get incorporated into the production version? Is there someone willing to incorporate it into the production branch for future versions to support product_sku in quotes too?


Hi @ctsde_markus thanks for the report. This might have been a mistake on our side which occurred probably because that 1.5.12 version in which your MR was merged never got released. Somewhere something got lost. I’ve opened a new issue and referenced your fix. We will have it in the next versions :wink: thanks for the heads up.

GitHub issue: $item->product_sku in invoices but not in quotes? · Issue #914 · InvoicePlane/InvoicePlane · GitHub

@ctsde_markus it was my mistake the patch didn’t make it into production, my apologies.
The PR is #915 in case you want to follow when it gets merged.
I had to recreate the PR from your patch-1 to our repository

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Thank you guys!

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