Logo not appearing on PDF invoices comes up a x in a box

I am on version 1.6 the logo is not appearing on invoices anymore.

Take a look at this fix

We will bring this fix in the next release


I found another small issue:

When in Settings/Invoices/PDF Settings - Enabling

Include ZUGFeRD

will transfer to not valid link → https://go.invoiceplane.com/zugferdinfo


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Hi @ThomasKa thank you for reporting the bug. I’ve opened an issue on GitHub for this (see. ZUGFeRD invalid link · Issue #913 · InvoicePlane/InvoicePlane · GitHub).

we are looking for this we need it can you give us sort cur rather then waiting for new ver

v1.6-beta-3 should I go back to this ver ??? as we need to send an invoice with PDF and one more thing we need to add the company seal in PDF?

Hi @ccsol going back will not solve your issue. If you can’t wait the next release you could manually edit the file that is changes in the fix that @UnderDog pointed you to. Just find the same file in your installation and change the code in order to reflect the new version of the file (this would be the green parte of the github file).

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