Upgrading to 1.6 step 2

Step 2 in the upgrade directions says to add the # to the first line like this

<?php exit('No direct script access allowed'); ?>

My first non commented out line is <?php ( I know that not it but it is my first line) second line is
if (!file_exists(‘ipconfig.php’)) {
exit(“The ipconfig.php file is missing! Please make a copy of the ipconfig.php.example file and rename it to ipconfig.php”);

In both the old index and the new index file I do not see any line that has “No direct script access allowed”

Not sure where I’m going wrong.

Is there a whats new doc somewhere?
Just a fyi I had to go looking for the upgrade process as there was no link in the readme file.

Ok nevermind, need coffee or something stronger.
Helps if you open the proper file.


Welcome to the club, let me know if everything works after installing. There’s 1 other bug, with invoice generation and There’s a really simple solution for it