Database error can not login since sending email

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1146

Table ‘sanmedia_invoicp.ip_login_log’ doesn’t exist

SELECT * FROM ip_login_log WHERE login_name = ‘email address’

Filename: modules/sessions/controllers/Sessions.php

Line Number: 295

Getting this error when trying to login since emailing a invoice to a client please see the logs:

Hi, thank you for your message. First of all, for your safety, please remove the private information you posted on

The error you are seeing signalizes that the system is not finding the ip_login_log table. Is this happening on a new install?

If it’s happening on an upgrade, please check that point 3 of the upgrade instructions has been run (instructions: Update InvoicePlane - InvoicePlane Wiki), since the table is created when the database is updated.

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Thanks for the advice after running the following url and following through the steps it started working.


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